Bus cheaters

You know what I hate? When people don’t enter the bus from the front door and instead skip the line and jump on through a back door.

You know what I hate even more? When the above described people hop on through a back door while you’re waiting in line showing your pass and steal the last seat.

Do you know the woman below? If so let me know. She stole the last seat on the 9X tonight, which clearly was MY seat.

5 responses to “Bus cheaters

  1. i like the bald guy glaring at you documenting that lady.

  2. laureniskeen

    what a biatch

  3. Collette

    This lady almost looks like the lady you caught throwing rubber bands and paper on the ground a while back…

  4. what about the seat next to her?

  5. Elizabeth

    Oooh, it was a single seat, too. I like to call those the Holy Grail of bus riders. No foul-smelling rider to elbow you in the ribs or sit too close. I would have fought her.

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