Flickr and withdrawl

I uploaded my road trip pictures to Flickr (almost as fast at Katie C). I’m glad to be back home with Dave and Booger but going through a bit of Meagan withdrawl. Spending 240 hours straight (in close quarters) with your BFF can do that to you. I got super sad on the plane last night when it started to set in that she’s not coming back. So sad.
Meagan, I will miss you terribly but excited to come see you in New York.

One thought on “Flickr and withdrawl

  1. Derek! I love you too and it’s so weird, I’ve been having a major case of Derek withdrawal today…it sucks. I keep saying random inside jokes and no one else understands…boo. Let’s plan our next rendezvous soon so we have something to look forward to, OK? And THANK YOU so much for driving cross country with me, I can’t think of anyone else I’d prefer spending 240 straight hours with 🙂 You are the best friend ever <3<3<3

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