10 things to like about the South

I’m about to board my plane back to SF, but thought it might be nice to take a look back at the part of the trip that was so new for me… the South. Here are ten things about the South I’ll cherish long after landing back in San Francisco.

1. There are more Waffle House’s than McDonald’s.
2. Riding in the bed of a pickup truck on the highway is perfectly normal.
3. They get away with driving big ass trucks, while enjoying the cheapest gas in the county.
4. Lattice and window shutters are design staples.
5. Not only are the casinos abundant, but they boast “loose slots.”
6. City names like Pascagoula, Bogalusa and Chickasaw.
7. The deliciousity that is a Bojangles biscuit.
8. They have an endearing love for all things NASCAR.
9. There is no better place to be a crazy, and perhaps homicidal college football (SEC) and/or basketball fan (ACC).
10. If you scan through the radio you’re likely to find Jesus Take the Wheel playing on at least one station at any given time.

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  1. Nice blog, enjoyable!

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