‘Bama mama

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia… four states in one day. Yay!

The highlight of the never ending drive was good ol’ Alabama. Not only did I eat at my very first Waffle House but we hung out with Meagan’s adorable grandparents in Opelika, AL. We spent about two hours with them, ate barbecue and talked about college football. Hanging out with them made me miss having grandparents and made me want to find an old couple to adopt in San Francisco.

(And for those devoted followers tracking our Monopoly progress… we did hit up a drive-thru this evening and ordered large Cokes, just so we could get more pieces.. two new streets and a free breakfast sandwich!)

We are outside Atlanta at our last Motel 6… about four hours left to go. It’s been fun but we are ready to get to Charlotte (and hopefully go tour Lowe’s Motor Speedway… hint hint Meagan).

One response to “‘Bama mama

  1. yr first waffle house ever BETTER have had a bearded waitress (it’s actually pretty common at the wh). i’ve got some pretty interesting stories from college that start out with “so we were drunk at waffle house one night…”

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