14 hours in New Orleans

At first I was going to blame my lack of enthusiasm about posting on New Orleans on blogger fatigue but it’s probably more due to lack of content (seeing that we were within city limits for less than 14 hours, 9 of which we slept through.

We got lucky with an adorable hotel, Lamothe House, which I highly recommend (we heart Lonely Planet) and then headed over to Clover Grill for a delicious burger. Since I was a N.O. virgin, we proceeded to walk down Bourbon Street, which reminded me of being stuck in a high school spring break nightmare. I’ll admit it’s probably an unfair first impression given the fact it was Thursday night and the crowd felt like convention goers.

The gay bars seemed to be the only sane place to hang out… that was until we walked into an amatuer strip contest (see below). Whoops.. entertained us for an hour before calling it a night.

It was obviously a short stay, but I’d say worth the side trip. It’s high on my list for a return visit.

Time to continue on into the trenches of the deep, dirty South. Pray for me.

Miles gone: 3,089
Spent on gas: $517
Pulled over: once
Scary hotels: four Motel 6’s

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