umm….. no.

Dear Diary,

The last day and a half we hung out in Austin, Texas. For the most part we played tourists… staying at the kitchy Austin Motel, snacking on cupcakes (from an Airstream trailer) that rival Magnolia’s, shopping along South Congress, buying UT gear, going for a run through campus, eating lots of Texmex and listening to live music. And of course, in classic Derek and Meagan style, attracting weirdos to our presence.

Last night we went to The Continental Club for music and after only about five minutes we befriended a creepy local guy. He kept buying us beers so we knew he liked one of us, we just weren’t sure which. He wouldn’t stop talking during the show, told us lame stories that we don’t remember and was wearing a fugly baseball cap (it was distracting, seriously). After the bar closed we were standing outside and he proceeded to explain, in detail, the financial crisis to Meagan (before she lost interest and walked away). He followed us down the street as we began chanting, “um we go to bed now… bye,” over and over. He finally realized we didn’t want to hang out with him anymore as we walked into our hotel room and closed the door in his face. Thanks for the beers!

Despite Mr. Creepy we had a great time in Austin. Next time we will see the bats and eat BBQ.

We are on our way through East Texas (including the gross sprawl of Houston) and Louisiana now. Seeya.

4 thoughts on “umm….. no.

  1. isn’t austin the coolest town ever? or what?

    you are not allowed to say “or what”. seriously, i will hurt you.

  2. i loved Lone Star beer.
    i love that the Austin Motel sign looks like a penis.
    i love the red velvet cupcake from that airstream
    maybe next time…when you go back for BBQ and the bats…ill be living there.

    did you make it to a Torchy’s Tacos?

  3. Ha!Ha! sounds like you two made a friend. I noticed that about the motel sign too,( hehe) Be safe.

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