Meagan vs. an 80 year old… again

We continue to get ourselves into bizarre situations, this time a pit stop at Caverns of Sonora which was both completely unnecessary and altogether fruitful. Meagan had wanted to go to Carlsbad Caverns but I had heard it isn’t that great and it was a bit out of the way. So when I saw Caverns of Sonora on the map this morning, only 8 miles off I-10, I added it to the itinerary immediately (see, I can be flexible!).

Three hours and $40 later we have been scolded twice by a tour guide for straggling too far from our group and we have three sets of old people trying to adopt us as their grand children. Perhaps even better was when Meagan starts to feel ill halfway through the tour and the guide asks her multiple times if she is doing ok. What makes it funny is that Meagan is walking next to an 80 year old woman, who yells at the guide, “Shouldn’t I be the one you’re worried about?!”

Making friends with old people is great and caves sure are cool, but we are looking forward to getting to Austin.

One thought on “Meagan vs. an 80 year old… again

  1. I want to go back to Caverns of Sonora! Can we do a 5 year anniversary of our road trip road trip?

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