Celebrity sighting!

Derek Jeter and his girlfriend, Minka Kelly just walked into my new favorite restaurant, The Woodland in Austin.

11 responses to “Celebrity sighting!

  1. I love her on Friday Night Lights! Hope you guys are having a great time 🙂

  2. derek…meet derek

  3. Jeter was in Boston with his other girlfriend Genessa last month. He still cheats on Minka even though she may be his main chick and he gave herpes to Jessica Alba. I don’t know why Minka seem to chose womanizers like John Mayer and Derek Jeter. Jeter has been spotted in New York with other women since he and Minka have been dating. She seems to be so dense when it comes to men. Must be because they are rich.

  4. At least we know he’s not serious with her. LMAO.

  5. Blueshoes.

    There are a lot of sightings in both the NY Post and NY Daily News of Jeter with other women, a blonde, named Rachel who he was spotted at a restaurant in August and he got jealous when another guy tried to talk to Rachel, this was right after the all star game where Minka came. Then he was spotted kissing a brunette at some restaurant that was not Minka the day before she came for the allstar game. He had some event where he was doing promoting his very expensive watch, where his parents and sister were there. The NY Post reported a beautiful brunette was seen meeting Jeter at his event and he was caressing her face. They made it in bold that IT was Not Minka. He cheats on all his girlfriends but Minka seems like an airhead like most of them. He only dates celebrity chicks that are have the looks he likes and have a shape, plus they would have to have dated another celebrity star. He and Minka share the same pr agency as well. Hes a great baseball player but has many girlfriends in all states. He was trying to hit on actress Sienna Miller at a club but she turned him down flat. Minka seems easy
    Funny out of all the time they dated, they only have one picture together and he looks pissed as hell on that picture while she looks so happy to be finally photographed with Jeter. He also has told photographers not to photograph them together even at his all star party she attended he would not allow them to photograph them together nor her by herself as if she was never there. Shes a fool but now will be a rich one.

  6. I think

  7. I think they will get married even though he still sees others girls in NY and Florida. They’re both past their prime so Minka can’t really say much about it. She wasn’t that pretty or talented to begin with so she can’t be that picky. She’s fugly!!


    PS. I love how torsche has the full scoop, complete with herpes updates.

  9. Andrea is living in a dream world!

  10. Ok am I missing something here? You missed their heads LOL Jeter needs to move on from that star f***er Minka. Shes nasty and has no talent.

  11. Amen!

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