I saw the sign

We kicked the driving off today with some music from Ace of Base, Enrique Iglesias, Dishwalla and the soundtrack to The Bodyguard. We pit stopped in Truth or Consequences, a cute little town about 2 hours south of Albuquerque. We drove around and scouted out the city (and found a cool, very pink old building) before stopping at Celestial Creations, a local gift shop recommended by Wikitravel.com. We thought it was going to be just another hokey gift shop until the friendly woman working, Connie, started telling us her life story. Highlights included: finding a long lost brother last October that she’d been looking for since 1969 after he came into the store and they started making conversation; taking up painting two years ago, and now winning county fair awards and being covered in the local newspaper a least 15 times a year; and how her psychic told her that someday her art will be in museums. Connie was just too damned sweet so I had to buy one her handmade little metal, beaded business card holders. Look out for it on my desk next week.

I said earlier I wanted to meet and converse with more locals. Ask and ye shall receive. We love you Connie, keep on paintin.

2 thoughts on “I saw the sign

  1. 1. The Bodyguard Sndtrk (and Ace of Base…. and Enrique) are totally yours.
    2. I heart Connie.

  2. 1. Dishwalla! That’s a band I haven’t thought about since high school.
    2. Truth or Consequences is THE coolest town name ever. I have wanted to go hang out there for a really long time. Next big road trip, it’s definitely on the agenda.
    3. Did you take pics of Connie?

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