Do I look sweet and innocent?

One of the most exciting things about Texas is the 80 mph speed limit. One of the lamest things about Texas is that the speed limit is only 80 mph during the day and that it changes to 65 mph at night. One of the funniest things about getting pulled over with Meagan is when you’re waiting for the officer to come talk to you and she rearranges her hair and says, “Do I look sweet and innocent?” And also when the officer asks for proof of insurance and she hands him her AAA roadside assistance card. One of the least funniest parts of getting pulled over in Texas is when the officer makes you get out of the car.

Throw a sweet, innocent Southern girl and a good ol’ Midwestern boy together in a speeding Nissan Altima and what do you get?

A written warning! Yay!

4 responses to “Do I look sweet and innocent?

  1. Sweet and innocent!

  2. I love this post. You are a natural blogger Derek. I think you may have missed your calling.

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