See a snake and scream like a girl

It’s been a long day in Albuquerque – me tired. After recovering from our 5K we went and checked out Petroglyph National Monument. It was meh. We did a 2 mile-ish hike and saw a handful of petroglyphs. The problem was that people have made fake petroglyphs (basically graffiti) so we couldn’t really tell what was real and what wasn’t. Afterward we had lunch at supposedly-famous Frontier after multiple recommendations (Nina and Pete). Was good. Lots of green chile. I had hamburger. Then we headed over to Old Town, walked around a bit and visited the Rattlesnake Museum. Meagan embarrassed me by screaming at every snake, spider and scorpion (in cages) she saw. It was more snake than one needs in one year.

We’re leaving New Mehico tomorrow. Our next major stop is Austin but we will hit up Truth or Consequences, White Sands National Monument, El Paso and hopefully some ridiculous things along the way. Bye-bye.

2 thoughts on “See a snake and scream like a girl

  1. you’re gonna love austin. eat bbq at ruby’s (maybe not the best bbq in austin but my favorite), & make sure you have breakfast tacos in the morning.

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