Do you know the way… to Santa Fe?

We took a left at Albuquerque today and found ourselves in Santa Fe.

Oh wait, first we woke up at 6:30 AM to go witness the most photographed event in the world, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. And oh wait, we drove there and found out it was canceled due to winds. Lovely.

Soooooo… to cheer ourselves up we went back to the hotel and slept until getting kicked out of our room at noon. Then we began the actual trip up to Santa Fe (or, as I like to say, Holy Faith). After picking up our 5K packets (for our race tomorrow!) at REI, and the 45-minute drive northwest, we found ourselves in SF #2. After getting a little lost in this relatively small city, circling the town square looking for a parking spot, we got ourselves organized and headed to the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, which was interesting, enjoyable and delightfully gay. During the middle of the visit a brief hail storm scared a bit of pee out of us. Thankfully the weather cleared up long enough for us to walk around town a bit more, check out a few shops, eat lunch, see the state capitol and see a huge full rainbow. We didn’t spend a ton of time in Santa Fe but felt like we got a pretty good feel for the old-as-dirt city. We debated staying the night but ended up opting to drive back to Albuquerque since we have to get up early for the Bosque Boogie 5K – oh Boise!

It’s been informally on the itinerary that we would stop somewhere along the trip to get Meagan an iPhone. We passed an AT&T store on the way out of Santa Fe and decided to give-er-a-whirl. I can’t really describe in words and give full justice to what exactly happened in the 2 hours we were at the AT&T store but trust me when I say it included a grown woman almost crying about not having internet access (it was actually quite sad), an AT&T employee named Donna being as dumb as a box of rocks and Meagan telling the guy helping us that we were on drugs. However, when it was all said and done, Meagan got her iPhone.

Tomorrow is our 5K – wish us luck. If our times aren’t awful, perhaps I’ll post them with a picture or two.

Fast food tally: 1
Miles gone: 1231
Pulled over: 0
Spent on gas: $245
Scary hotel rooms: 1

2 thoughts on “Do you know the way… to Santa Fe?

  1. welcome to the new awesome iPhone club! I have been enjoying mine for the past week immensely.

    i love how you are doing stuff on your journey…a 5 K? what city?

  2. We may have discussed this – i have a short term memory – but I was in Abq/Santa Fe 2 days prior… Looks like you guys had a fun trip!

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