Sleeping in the sheets tonight

So we are settled in to our above average hotel in Sedona for the night. I say above average referring to our current Super 8/Motel 6 standards ($100 a night tonight versus $45 last night in Bakersfield). We did almost find one decent place… the White House Inn. Meagan went in to check it out but the overwhelming smell of Indian food in the lobby scared her away. I’m happy with where we are tonight because I don’t feel like I need to sleep in my sleeping bag like last night (to avoid touching the sheets).

We spent most of the day driving, although we did have a nice little pit stop at the Mojave National Preserve. I mainly wanted to go for their abundance of Joshua trees, which I have become slightly obsessed with since our trip to JT National Park last Thanksgiving. We did a relatively easy 4-mile hike through a Joshua tree forest and then drove through the park (at the recommendation of a ranger) and saw some underwhelming, but very big sand dunes.

After that we hit the road for about 6 hours of driving through the remaining part of California and in to our second state finally, Arizona! I’d also like to note that at one point driving we were only 70 miles from Las Vegas and at another point only 60 miles from the Grand Canyon. Neither were in Derek’s itinerary however so we kept on truckin. I ain’t messing around!

A few other notes from the day:

  • Pete- We took I-10 to our trailhead before cutting through the park to get on I-40 so we did see Zzyzx. Perplexing name for a city indeed.
  • Dave and other non-believers- We saw a California Highway Patrol helicopter flying up and down the highway in a “speed monitored by aircraft” zone, presumably looking for speeders.

Tomorrow we are planning a hike in Sedona and then putzing our way through the rest of Arizona on our way into Albuquerque. Anyone been to Meteor Crater? We are thinking of checking it out but want to make sure it’s at least a 4 on a 1 to 5 cheese scale (5 obviously being the cheesiest).

Fast food tally: 1
Miles gone: 862
Pulled over: 0
Spent on gas: $200
Scary hotel rooms: 1ish

4 thoughts on “Sleeping in the sheets tonight

  1. I giggled out loud at “the White House Inn”! I can’t believe Meagan didn’t want to smell like curry for the next 3 days.

  2. i don’t know about meteor crater, but there are some random desert highway shops selling indian made rugs & showing off giant stone dinosaur sculptures that are pretty rad & high on the cheese scale.

    i miss jtnp. and your copilot. and your butt.

    BLAM! time for some coffee IMOUT.

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