McDonald’s after 20 miles

Aw jizz. So it’s official. We are on the road, although we only made it like 20 miles before stopping at the golden arches. The good news… it’s Monopoly season!

What we got: North Carolina Avenue, Marvin Gardens, States Avenue, Connecticut Avenue, Pennsylvania Railroad… and best of all… a free breakfast sandwich, meaning we will back! We’ll keep you updated.

On our way to Bakersfield down smelly I-5, so far we’ve gotten a whiff of dirty blueberries.

Fast food tally: 1
Miles gone: 93
Pulled over: 0
Spent on gas: $50
Scary hotel rooms: 0

5 thoughts on “McDonald’s after 20 miles

  1. Hey Meagan and Del-boy,

    Good luck with the trip – we have just been discussing the relative merits of MacDonalds in different countries . Perhaps you could compare from state / town to town 😉

    Seriously, though, good luck and can’t wait for the next installment.

    Lorra love,

    London Office.

  2. Im going to follow you two all the way to NY. Safe travels. You should probably NOT shoot to win on Monopoly…that would be your only stop! you can only have so many big macs before its probably just not a good idea.

  3. You crazy kids…I’m so jealous…I want to be on the road, the idea sounds brilliant!
    Looking forward to the next installment.

  4. This is really cute. I like it. I’ve subscribed to this blog – so don’t be stingy with the updates.

  5. yoyoyo.

    you forgot the calories eaten tally: 10,000??
    (marcy is mean)

    we miss you! safe travels! ❤

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