A blogging rebirth

About ten years ago I entered the world of personal web building with my own Geocities web site (I was in the South Beach neighborhood, for those that remember). Since that time I had myself a blog or two, I taught myself HTML and I toyed around with Dreamweaver, but unfortunately never stuck with it. Over the last several years I have experienced things that made me wish I had a blog so I could “blog about it” – amazing vacations to Australia, Europe and Maui; the raising of a ridiculous one-eyed pug; and an obsession with the outdoors, for example.

Well, as I prepare to embark on my first cross-country road trip, a 3,300 mile, 10-state trek with one of my dearest friends, Meagan, I’ve decided there’s no time better than now to get a blog rolling again. Who knows if I’ll stick with it (the odds are probably against me) but hey, it’s worth a shot.

2 responses to “A blogging rebirth

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